BOLT Engineering August Newsletter

South Africa’s National State of Disaster was officially declared over in April this year, and COVID-19 has become endemic rather than a pandemic. In business and industry, 2022 has been marked by strong signs of growth, reinvigoration and personal contact after the isolation and stagnation many suffered during the pandemic. These encouraging signs of growth and hope are definitely reflected in the content of this newsletter, in our business and in those of our valued customers, suppliers and service providers. Very sadly, KwaZulu-Natal was once again declared a state of disaster in April, due to the unprecedented flooding in the province, B.E.D. donated towards flood relief efforts - knowing that, as a nation, South Africans are known for their resilience, mental strength, and compassion – and when we stand united, we are an unstoppable force! B.E.D. believes in standing together, both in business and in our humanitarian efforts. Business as usual - the B.E.D. way We are so pleased to be back to ‘business as usual’, where our business processes are once again back to normal. During the past two years, our staff and management displayed their dedication to our ‘100/0’ ethos, changing and adapting as required to assist our customers, and going to great lengths in order to keep doing the business the B.E.D. way. Better together In this newsletter, I am also excited to tell you about our agreement with industry stalwart and colleague First Cut, regarding our joint distribution of Messer Cutting Systems products and solutions. We look forward to being ‘better together’ as a result of this exciting synergy, to the benefit of all of our customers. Safety unites Below, you will also read about our participation – along with conference partners GSI, First Cut and Messer Cutting Systems – in the ‘Safety Unites’ compressed gas safety conference held in Johannesburg on 28 June. Given the risks associated with compressed gas – particularly in the mining and other industrial sectors – safety training is imperative, and the conference presentations and demonstrations really drove this critically important message home. Successful and long-serving women Then, in line with our strong people focus, we have some amazing women in the B.E.D. Group – and what a fitting time to be able to mention some of them, as August is Women’s Month in South Africa. In this newsletter, we shine the spotlight on Kristelle Janse van Vuuren, who so ably heads up our Exports Division. We also say thank you to our long-service ladies from around the country, who have all achieved between 15- and 25-years’ service. I would like to personally thank each lady for her loyalty to the company. These long service records are remarkable achievements and once again showcase our ‘100/0’ ethos in action! All things agri Our attendance at a recent sales training day hosted by our international bearings supplier SKF also showcased the theme of working together: this time, to improve our knowledge, understanding and service of SKF’s world-class agri-bearing and bearing products, so we can better service our SKF customers. We also attended an agri open day in Middelburg. Having been put on hold for the past two years, the ‘seeds of hope’ were back - at the Zonnebloem Dry Bean Open Day in Mpumalanga. In addition, B.E.D. was delighted to be back at NAMPO in May – and will be at NAMPO in Bredasdorp in September. We will provide more details on our NAMPO participation in our next newsletter, as well as our attendance at Electra Mining 2022 – also in September – where we will proudly be partnering with our welding equipment supplier Fronius. Human contact – and hope Our article on Jet, the ‘seeing eye’ guide- dog which the B.E.D. Group has sponsored from puppyhood, reminds us in a different way of the value of human contact and independence. We are proud to be a sponsor with the South African Guide- Dogs Association for the Blind, which helps visually impaired people to stay active within the community. We also applaud the vision of the ‘Cancervive’ initiative, a unique South African cancer awareness and education project. Read more on how we recently supported a motorbike ride in July to raise funds and awareness for a great cause. Still on the power of human contact, mid- way through April, the B.E.D. Group came together as a company to hold a minute of silence, to remember those we have lost, and those who have suffered tragedy over the past two years. Our White Orchid Memorial Minute was intended both as a memorial and also a celebration of life, for those of us who are fortunate to still be here. We are thankful to be here, still standing tall and unbowed, ready to move onwards and upwards with you, our loyal B.E.D. staff, customers, suppliers and service providers. Thank you for your ongoing support – it is sincerely appreciated! Warm regards, Mike Mike Giltrow CEO MESSAGE FROMMIKE THE TIES THAT BIND US TOGETHER Greetings to all our loyal staff, customers, suppliers and service providers: 1 THE B.E.D. HEARTBEAT AUGUST 2022 AUGUST 2022 THE B.E.D. HEARTBEAT Mike Giltow CEO of the Bolt and Engineering Distributors Group (B.E.D.) BOLTING OUR COMPANY TOGETHER